I am a Marine Corps veteran of six years. I served two tours overseas; Iraq 2008 and Afghanistan 2010. Both tours I served as a 0331 machine gunner. Being physically fit was always important to me because I always wanted to be combat ready. When I returned home from my last tour overseas, I was stationed in Quantico, VA where I was assigned to be a combat instructor for the basic school. It was at that time I began to let myself go and fall into an unhealthy lifestyle. Before I knew it was weighing 230 lbs and having close to 20% body fat. I was in disbelief on how my fitness and lifestyle changed for the worse. I knew changes had to be made, so I decided to enter a course to become a personal trainer through ISSA. At first, entering the course was merely for self-interest and self-gain; a way to get back into shape and get my life back together. After six months of proper nutrition and training, I was able to reach my goal. Being able to make the transformation for myself influenced me to share my personal training knowledge with others in hopes that I could help them make the transformation they wished to achieve. In 2012, I was hired for my first personal training job and have not looked back since. As a personal trainer, I enjoy the process of being able to help mentor clients and guide them on the path to reach their goals. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2012 through ISSA. Through ISSA I also received certifications in Exercise Therapy and Fitness Nutrition. After completing the Elite Trainer certification program, I got certified through TRX as group instructor. I then began to compete in Crossfit and after a year I decided to become a coach in the sport, so I enrolled in Crossfit level 1 trainer program in 2013 and ran a couple of Crossfit boxes. I have been competing in Crossfit for the past three years. In this sport I have had some success but I am still no where near I want to be. Some of my accomplishments in my Crossfit career include qualifying for The Granite Games in 2014 and 2016 as an individual and qualifying for Wodapalooza in back to back years 2015 and 2016 as an individual athlete. I also received an invitation to the Grid League Pro Day in LA in 2015 and advance to the Grid League Combine in 2015.

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Legion Training Camp is a freeweight gym located on Barstow and Clovis . Membership is $60/month for 24/7 key card access to our facility.  Whether you enjoy crosstraining, freeweights, calisthenics etc. our fully rogue equipped gym has something for you.  Our personal trainers even offer one on one or group classes for those who need a little help with motivation or assistance with complex movements. Call or text (661)41-TRAIN to schedule an appointment to see in person what Legion Training Camp has to offer.

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